5 Design Ideas For Your Prefab House

5 Design Ideas For Your Prefab House

Small wooden home architecture has been greatly enabled by the latest technological innovations. Today, there are many structural wood types to choose from when building a new home but your final choices will depend on your design and your budget, with local woods being the most affordable. The site topography can define your home floor plan and offer unexpected design ideas that may transform your small home into a small sanctuary. Below, we offer several examples that prove just that. Some designs we’ve picked offer sustainable building features which you may also want to consider.

As you will see in some of the listings included, the right choice of wood can significantly beautify even the smallest of designs. As for the overall architecture, things like roof design, number of floors and location of the entrance to the house would also depend on climate, site topography and location. Building permits will vary as well depending on your local ordinance. In some places, small wood homes are especially welcomed and promoted, while in others there are limits on minimum square footage and you won’t be able to go very small.

Wood clad interiors create a cottage like feel and we’ve provided many examples of beautiful living spaces. If you’re new to the small home living lifestyle you would want to give special considerations to extra space, to ensure you have enough room for your family to grow, whether that means an additional bedroom, bathroom, playroom or storage space. Wood homes are perfect for children to grow up in, especially if your location is surrounded with nature.

Here are 5 (five) beautiful prefab house design we picked from trendir.com for you:

prefab house design in bali


prefab design house in bali



prefab house design in bali


prefab house design in bali

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