Ideas For Your Future Wooden Home

Ideas For Your Future Wooden Home

For years, people built beautiful houses made in woods. There are many choices of design and wood of course. We can build a small, medium, or a large wooden house in your wildest dream.

Here one of wooden house ideas that will create a new imagination of houses in your head:

Looking at the Tamalpais Residence that sits in the Mill Valley of California it’s hard to imagine it’s just five minutes away from the downtown. Perched on a side of a hill this rusty metal building offers incredible views from almost every side.

While it boasts 4,012 square feet (372 sq m) of space the house was designed to be sustainable, energy-efficient, and maintenance-free. And its interior design is flexible due to a growing family. Three out of five bedrooms in the house can make a master bedroom, a family room, or a home office depending on the residents’ needs. (source:

Building wooden house is not just about a simple or common design, you can design anything with this material; and also can be much more beautiful than concrete houses. Do you need a unique wooden house or a tropical house? Just consult to us and we will make your dream comes true!

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