Protecting Your Wooden House In Monsoon

Protecting Your Wooden House In Monsoon

Indonesia in one of the biggest country with huge rainy season. As the monsoon starts showering we feel relieved from the scorching heat of the summer season. But before arrival of monsoon our home needs to be prepared for avoiding any potential damages due to rain waters. Below we have listed few tips which will protect your home and you can enjoy the rainy season without any worry.

  1. First of all thoroughly check the roof for any cracks. If any crack is found repair it immediately. After repair, apply a coating of waterproofing compound over the roof.
  2. Similarly check and ensure, the exterior plaster and walls does not have any crack, otherwise rain water will seep into the walls causing dampness.
  3. Clean and clear all the rain water pipes and gutters for ensuring smooth flow of rain water from roof. Also clean them once in a week during the entire rainy season.
  4. Ensure that all the areas in the home are well ventilated by fresh air, because humid airs can cause dampness which is not good for health.
  5. Before the rainy season starts, ensure that any electrical fixture and equipment does not come in contact with water due to seepage or dampness or any other reason during or after rain.
  6. The wooden doors normally swell during the monsoon season due to the moisture in the atmosphere. If such things happen then remove the door, tighten all the hinges and refix it after varnishing, painting or applying sandpaper on the part of the door which gets stuck to the frame.
  7. Paint all the grills and iron doors as they tend to get rusted during rainy season.
  8. Get a regular pest check-up done in order to restrict the termite, ant and any other pest growth.
  9. Keep Camphor or Neem leaves in the cupboard to protect clothes and other valuable things from moisture and insects.
  10. Keep all the indoor plants outside the home as they increase dampness inside the home during rainy season.


source: Dream Home Guide

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