Woods And Their Uses

Woods And Their Uses

There are many different woods which can be used in prefab house construction and furniture. But each of them has its uses and personal features as building material, and it may make the structure of furniture better or worse, depends on how it used. Let's see about some of thousands type of wood.

The Different Types of Wood and How They are Used in Housing Construction

These types of wood can be used in numerous ways to create durable, long-lasting frames, furniture, flooring, and cabinets. Here is how each wood is best applied in households:


Wood from oak trees are known for being strong and bendable, making them perfect for appliances that will have weight applied to them. Examples of this would be chairs, desks, veneer, and flooring. Oakwood is also used for house framing because of the same reason, as well as for being moisture-resistant for all weather.


Reddish-brown and fine grained. It resists shrinking, swelling and warping and best used for cabinetry and boat construction.


Pine uses generally include being used for structural purposes because of its incredible durability. Pine doesn’t warp or swell and is therefore used for paneling, framing, and roofing. You may also find certain pieces of household furniture being made from this wood along with window frames.


Bamboo may not be the first wood option you think of when comparing different wood types for appliances. However, bamboo stocks are used for common things like instruments and even bicycle frames. In the house, bamboo can be used for furniture, flooring, scaffolding, and fence posts because of it’s tough and aesthetic texture.

Cherry Wood

Black cherry trees produce strong black cherry wood that can be used for almost any appliance and structure. Not only does this wood age well but it also resists warping and shrinking under any conditions. It can be used to build fine furniture, cabinets, doors, flooring, and paneling. Smaller uses for it include moldings, millwork, turnings, and carvings.


Plywood is made from southern pines or Douglas firs and is commonly used in most households for countless furniture and structural purposes. It can be used as external walls, formwork, or light partition. As far as furniture goes, plywood can be used to make seating, cabinets, cupboards, and tables. It is also applicable for flooring systems and shutters.


Reddish with a sweet fragrance. It has a uniform texture that is easy to work on. This wood is best used for constructing chests and other cabinets, roof shingles, dock planks and posts.


Has very low resistance to decay but has uniform texture. Best used for doors, furniture, frames, windows, veneer, plywood and trims.


Is lightweight and uniformly textured. Best used for planks, boards, paneling, crates, sub-flooring and construction lumber.


Very hard and strong. It decays easily so that wood protection is needed to prevent dry or wet rot. It is lightweight and shrinks moderately. Usually used for spars and masts for ships, crates, boxes, ladders and general millwork.

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