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PT Touchwood specializes in constructing the highest quality, exclusive hardwood timber structures, that are prefabricated at our factory in Bali, Indonesia to build beautiful prefab house.

Our structures have been used as high-end private residences and luxury resorts. Our products have been exported to all corners of the world, as well as locally.

We use only the highest quality timber, hardware, and finishing materials. This attention to detail, combined with our stringent quality control system, ensure that we are able to produce the highest quality product with the longest possible lifespan.

Wooden house and prefab house factory in Bali | PT Touchwood


Our 2500 square meter shop floor is located in Jimbaran, South Bali, only 15 minutes from Denpasar International airport, and very close to many of the luxury hotels located in the area.

Our highly skilled carpenters employ a combination of traditional hand-made techniques, and the very latest precision cutting tools for your prefab house.

Whether it is from plans submitted by the client or the realization of a new design concept, our team of on-site designers use the very latest CAD software and 3D imaging to assist our clients.

Prefab house construction in progress | PT Touchwood


We employ strict quality control processes at every stage of the project.


The prefabrication process is tightly monitored at all stages to ensure the highest quality of materials and finish. After the prefabrication phase is completed and approved by the client, the structure is then dismantled and prepared for shipping.


After shipping, our team can be sent to the project location to supervise the reconstruction phase.

Site inspection:

If necessary, we can arrange for our experts to visit the proposed project site at any stage of the process.