About Touchwood Indonesia FAQ


Is the wood dried before construction?

We kiln dry all timber sections under 7cm to ensure that no warping, bending or twisting due to shrinking takes place. Our standard moisture content is 15%.We usually air dry timber sections over 7cm as timber of this size is a lot more stable.


Is the timber resistant to termites?

We only use the best timber types available on the market at the highest grades. All of the timber types that we use are naturally resistant to termites.


How long will the structure last?

We only select the highest quality timber and the most durable materials for our structures ensuring that they will last a lifetime.


What type of maintenance do the structures require?

Due to the nature of timber, we recommend to polish the structure every 6 months with teak oil to protect the wood against the elements. The timber will also need to be “touched up” with paint every 5 years or so.


How long does it take to build a structure?

The size and design of the structure will determine the build time. For example, we can build a 50m2 bungalow in 2 months, and a 150m2 house within 3 months.


How is the structure assembled?

We provide complete re-assembly instructions with all orders. Professional builders will be needed to assemble our structures.  Alternatively, we can send our experienced team to assemble on site, or our project manager over to direct all installation.


Can the structure be moved and rebuilt?

All of our structures are designed and constructed to be “100% mobile” and can be moved and rebuilt in different locations all over the world!


Can you help with designing the structure?

Our in-house professional design team would be happy to assist with designing a structure tailor-made to suit your exact requirements.