Bangkirai Wood

Shorea laevifolia

Bangkirai (Shorea laevifolia) – Bangkirai hardwood is renown for is high-density and is impressive strength under both tensile and compressive stresses. Bangkirai is naturally yellow coloured, and generally used in prefab house, heavy construction, framing of boats, parquet flooring, heavy-duty flooring, utility and garden furniture, and situations where it may be immersed in fresh water. Due to this level of durability we are able to use Bangkirai in all aspects of our timber structures.

We recommend this timber type for building in warmer and more humid climates, where extreme temperature changes are less likely to occur.

Merbau Wood

Intsia bijuga I.palembanica

Merbau (Intsia bijuga I.palembanica) – Merbau hardwood, known in Australia, as kwila is the highest quality and density timber that we use. Merbau performs impressively under both tensile and compressive stresses. It is a naturally darker (red/orange) coloured species that offers a more stereotypically “tropical” look. With its appealing exotic appearance and beautiful finish, Merbau is often used in heavy construction, framing of boats, parquet flooring, heavy-duty flooring, utility and garden furniture.

Merbau can also be used for structures such as bridges and piers, because it can be immersed in brackish to salty water. Not only are we able to use Merbau in all aspects of our timber structures, but due to its high durability, we recommend its use in building prefab house in colder and more seasonal climates where extreme changes in temperature, and even sub zero temperatures, commonly occur.

The highest quality timber is used, and kiln dried before construction to ensure a lifetime of use.

Teak Wood

Tectona grandis (teck raffiné)

Teak is a tropical hardwood species of tree known as Tectona grandis. Teak timber is particularly valued for its durability and water resistance, and is used for boat building, exterior construction, veneer, furniture, carving, turnings, and other small wood projects.

Teak’s natural oils make it useful in exposed locations, and make the timber termite and pest resistant. Teak is durable even when not treated with oil or varnish.

We use teak mainly for decorative features such as internal wall claddings and furniture, we can also build entire structures from Teak but the lack of availability in larger section sizes will increase construction costs compared to using either merbau or bangkirai wood.

We can source both TPK harvested sawn timber and old recycled Teak depending on the finishes you are looking for.